Sunday, 25 November 2007

Are you MAD?

Tomorrow I set off on a charity bike ride with one of my clients, Nandos, from Johannesburg to Durban, via the restaurants - total distance = 750kms!? (My company, Internet Solutions, is the flagship sponsor).

For those who dont know, Nandos is one of South Africa's most iconic brands, well known for their marketing prowess (read: super funny ads) and great tasting grilled Portugeuse chicken...

The journey is the perennial "Make A Difference" (MAD) cycle ride from Johannesburg to Durban, designed to educate the internal staff on the AIDS policy of the company - that being: get tested; if you test positive your job is safe, just get better and they will send food parcels until you are better. Quite special really.

I am pretty far-king nervous because I have done next to no training and I am a fat bastard. The average distance travelled is 160Kms per day over 5 days. The people I am riding with (Nandos people) are bike freaks too. Apparently they drink at night after riding those kind of distances per day... and even more worrying is these stats:

- "The Others" ride on average just over 30kms an hour
- I (Fatty) ride just under 20kms an hour

I think I am going to be in trouble :-\

Anyway, daily updates to follow...
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