Sunday, 25 November 2007

Not another blog!

Well yes, this is another blog started by someone not very important yet seems to think that they have something of value to say to others - of course, this in reality is not the case - yet like all these web 2.0 pursuits, it seems to feed the ego under the auspices of "Branding Oneself". Not one to be shy, I will give this a go.

I start this the day after I have officially finished my MBA (perhaps subconsciously I think this gives me more authority?) so I now have the time to add things of value as they cross the pathh of my average life.

I am also hoping to learn 2 other things through this blogging:

1. How big the Web 2.0 bubble is; will be and when we should exit a business before the inevitable bust

2. To test whether this blogosphere really is changing the journalism world and delivering the unfettered freedom of speech that has been espoused
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