Sunday, 7 December 2008

Nandos Charity Ride - 2008

This started off as a great day. Slightly overcast, not too hot gradual undulating hills. Nothing too tough until the last third of the ride. Before that, we pulled into our first two stops with not much pain. From there though the ride got tough climbing out of Kynsna, then out of Plett (thanks Deano, even though you were a little late - had to ride my fat ass up two thirds of that hill with a headwind - einah!), and then the coup de grace, kaaimans river pass.

F**k me that was a ball breaker to say the least. I looked at this thing after doing 150 kms and said "not a f**k"... thanks to the King of George he talked me into doing it, helping me up the first two thirds of the hill with our diminutive leader picking me up for the last third of the hill.

To put this into context - he weighs 70kgs and I weigh a feather-lite 100kgs! Cesar was pushing almost 50% of his body weight EXTRA up the hardest climb of the entire ride from PE to CTN. (Dean and Cesar - send me your bank details!). It was so tough that Cesar had sworn all the top riders to secrecy so the beginners didnt give up.

When I eventually got to the top I almost up-chucked and couldnt really see much. I had properly snapped in two (admittedly large pieces). Luckily the rest of the ride was only another 5kms of flat into Dean's restaurant.

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