Wednesday, 13 May 2009


Abraham Lincoln: One of the greatest leaders of the modern world. Highly recommend reading about this guy if leadership interests you.

I just had to write to someone about what I thought leadership was about... It is a work in progress and would love feedback, but here are my initial thoughts:

  1. People: Hiring the right talent - if you get this wrong, none of the rest matters. Leadership is all about people
  2. Alignment: Getting that talent both strategically (long term) and tactically (short term / operational) aligned
  3. Enabler: creating the environment for that talent to perform – setting in motion processes that allow employees to do less administrative tasks and more value enhancing work. Also soft issues, like allowing them to fail
  4. Protector: protecting them from unnecessary noise (politics, process issues, escalations, etc.)
  5. Candour: Being as candid as possible. Most leadership manifestos disagree with this, but I am a firm believer in even sharing the bad news because that wins trust. Also, dont be a robot - wear you heart on your sleeve
  6. Wins: Acknowledge the wins / "smell the roses" – this is important because it sends a powerful message that this is what we are all aiming for


Prue said...

I like it.

But I think the most important value a leader should have would be passion and the ability to motivate (transfer that passion) and coach people.

At the end of the day we all just wanna be inspired, it gives meaning to life and I think this is a leaders number one job, and lays the foundation for your other points.

I think also the distinction must be drawn between a leader and a manager - can they one person be both? I think so but it is not easy to achieve.

Good Article:

Unknown said...

Prue - you make some great points.

Passion is a must too, so will add,

Re manager: they are mutually exclusive IMO. If you can do both, then that is ideal, but you dont need one for the other. Managing can be trained; leadership (talking to your first point) almost needs to be innate.

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