Monday, 26 October 2009

Books I am loving...

Was asked by a friend what the top 5 books I have recently read are, so figured I would publish the response (I only have 4 for now):

1. Managing Humans - by Michael Lopp - aka @rands on twitter. Every single person who has to manage people should read this book. You can read about 50% of it on his blog, but I recommend a purchase and keeping it on your bookshelves for reference.

2. Second is Nothing - by Alan Knott-Craig - a riveting read from a guy I never particularly liked nor respected prior to reading this. This is a fascinating account of how the mobile telephone industry in South Africa was born.

3. How the Mighty Fall - by Jim Collins - Jim is a really smart guy and this book stems for some very good research. very timely. did you know Jim spends 50% of his time being "creative" - he literally blocks out that amount of time to think, apply his mind, and introspect. If you are tight, this is a pretty good review in businessweek:

4. Snowball - the Warren Buffett biography by Alice Schroder. This is a fascinating account of the greatest investor of all time. Alice, a former Morgan Stanley MD was entrusted by Buffett after they conducted research together. Interestingly, he has not spoken to her since the release of the book! Here is a short clip from Alice on the book:

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