Monday, 27 September 2010

Debunking 7 Sacred Cows of Marketing

"Medici Effect" - the idea that creativity is new, valuable and realised

This is a great video:

Tim and Saneel's mantra: "the future doesnt fit in the containers of the past"

Here is a summary from the clip:
1. "All ideas are good ideas" - "no" - they are not all good ideas when you have finite resources
  • There are two types of creative output:  Omakase (leave the selection to the Chef - experts) vs. Idea Buffet - agencies are good at divergent ideation that provide a buffet of ideas
  • give me the a frankenstein of all half baked ideas
  • prefer convergent ideation - take one of those ideas early on and make it the lead horse for divergent thinking and then continue on this tight loop.  
  • Instead of brainstorm facilitator use a idea bouncer to keep ideas on track
2. "Ad Campaigns are an essential marketing expense" - no, good for ad and media agencies, however, campaigns not good for clients, limited by time.  It is transient and goes away.  And the idea that it is an expense.   They believe that marketing should be evergreen, be ongoing.  And instead of an expense, create assets.  Creating ecosystems instead of campaigns.

3. "Teams of Superheros are the best agencies".  We tend lionise the specialist within marketing but that is not the best way to innovate.  They believe that intersectional innovation - the nexus of different skills and schools.  A melting pot rather than super specialists.  Generalists yield much better results.

4. "Creative Leaders should be the most creative people" - this doesnt make sense however.  Creative rockstar cannot deliver all the time.  A leader however, helps others be creative.  Creative rockstars dont want a promotion they want more airspace.  A creative catalyst will want to lead.

5. "Each employee should strive for perfection"- we should be inventing the best jobs not filling jobs with the best people as the main priority - to be honest, i didn't really get this sacred cow

6. "Marketing is a masterpiece to be unveiled" - this is not the case.  now we iterate to make it better.  you used to have to fully bake the cake before you revealed it.  Now we have the tools to iterate and be realtime.  The collaborative launch is the best way.  The old adage: if you are not embarrassed by your first release, you have launched too late.  You need to keep marketing in perpetual beta - something that is ready to evolve which is often more important that invention.

7. "Integration is the ideal"- yes, but it is really hard.  very rare that is a marketing initiative that is perfectly integrated.  rather build an small part of the idea and rally the assets to meet that and if it fails, start again.

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Unknown said...

5. I think the idea here is that just as important as filling the required posts with those who are the experts in their field is by having 'generalists"- people who know a little about everyone else' jobs- to bring everyone/ideas together. In an Ad Agency I think this particularly means that those who are 'the best' at their jobs often aren't quite as good at sharing their ideas and collaborating. So you need a couple of folks who are a little more selfless :)

I don't know how you post that job description! 'We're looking for some Average Peeps."

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